Leading to Greatness – Five principles to transform your leadership and build great teams – Jim Reid, Author, Speaker and CEO and Executive Coach 

Leading to Greatness – five principles to transform your leadership and build great teams - Jim Reid, Author, Speaker and CEO and Executive Coach

In episode 14 of Lead the Future, Dr. Vince Molinaro speaks with Jim Reid, an accomplished executive and former CHRO who has navigated significant change and numerous organizational transformations. Jim and Vince discuss the current state of the leadership development industry and why there are so often gaps between expectations and results.  

“An additional frustration with leadership discourse is that it is often has a failing grade in real-work application.” – Jim Reid 

Jim emphasizes the need for simplicity and practicality that can be fit into the busy days and high pressures of an executive’s role. He also references insights he learned from working with Jim Collins on “the good to great” research and how that influenced his advisory work with hundreds of senior executives and seven CEOs. 

During the interview Jim goes into depth on five highly applicable principles he has detailed his recent book, Leading to Greatness. We talk about where leaders tend to fall short in each, how they can apply them in their role, and the impact each has. 

  1. Clarity of personal values and your life’s purpose 
  2. Play to your strengths and your passion always 
  3. Make the right people decisions  
  4. Be fully engaged 
  5. Be disciplined and relentless about driving extraordinary results  

Jim shares his thoughts on the saying that life is a marathon and why he prefers to look at it as a series of sprints followed by recovery. Lastly, Vince and Jim talk about leadership amidst crisis and what leaders can do to keep their team clear on it’s goals and moving forward with strong performance. 

“A crisis tests a leader’s grit, strength, determination and purpose. It tests the leader’s ability to support their team, who are often under similar duress.” – Jim Reid 

Meet the Leader: Jim Reid, Author, Speaker, CEO and Executive Coach

Jim Reid is an author, speaker, and coach. He has been the strategic trusted adviser to seven CEOs and was recognized as one of Canada’s 50 best executives in 2021. Most recently, Jim has synthesized his decades of leadership experience – as a senior executive in the C-suite and in building leaders across organizations – in his new book, Leading to Greatness.

Leadership insights to pay attention to
  • The state of the leadership development industry today. 
  • It’s more than figuring out your strengths, but what you can be best at. 
  • What to do when you have a low performer. 
  • When facing transformation, identify what can’t change (not just what needs to). 
  • How to apply the hedgehog concept for organizational success to your leadership. 
  • Two traits of strong leadership during crisis. 
  • Advice for senior HR leaders and for young leaders. 
Show Notes

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