The Leadership Contract Course – How Leaders Set The Tone Of Accountability

Training Course for organizations

How Leaders Set The Tone Of Accountability

Our signature, award-winning course is designed to help leaders step up and set the tone of accountability by being more deliberate and effective in their roles.

This virtual course is a scalable solution to build accountable leaders at every level of your organization.
Training Course For Organizations

How Leaders Set The Tone Of Accountability

Our signature, award-winning course is designed to help leaders step up and set the tone of accountability by being more deliberate and effective in their roles.

This virtual course is a scalable solution to build accountable leaders at every level of your organization.
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The Leadership Contract® is a blended, virtual course that combines self-paced learning, facilitated sessions, and sustainment activities to build accountable leaders at every level of your organization. Updated to reflect the hybrid world of work, this course is filled with new research and ideas to help leaders step up, set the tone of accountability and inspire their teams to deliver results.

Leveraging the proven principles of Dr. Vince Molinaro's New York Times bestselling book, The Leadership Contract, this course explores crucial strategies to set the foundation for individual accountability.

During this course, your leaders will:

  1. Explore their leadership context and identify the implications to how they must lead.
  2. Learn the ten research-validated behaviors of accountable leaders.
  3. Make a conscious decision to set the tone of accountability for the people they lead.
  4. Generate a compelling vision of the leader they need to be to effectively inspire themselves and their teams.
  5. Develop resilience and resolve to tackle the hard work that moves the organization forward.
  6. Build a network of relationships that accelerates their development as leaders.
  7. Sign The Leadership Contract® and create a roadmap to sustain their impact and momentum.

This is a ten-week, virtual, cohort-based course with weekly sessions facilitated by a LCI certified facilitator 0r coach. Leaders will spend 2-3 hours per week between self-study, homework, and facilitated sessions. 

For the first six-weeks, your leaders will:

  • Complete the activities and exercises in our digital learning platform.
  • Engage in conversations in the moderated learning community.
  • Attend weekly, live, virtual sessions to discuss their reflections with the rest of their cohort members. 

For the last four-weeks, your leaders will have ongoing learning and sustainment activities:

  • Continued access to learning resources, videos, and the moderated community.
  • 2 virtual office hours to ask questions, get coaching and receive feedback.
  • Bonus lesson – How To Build Resilience & Resolve.
  • Bonus lesson – How To Have Tough Conversations.

Cohort sizes can range from 30 – 50 leaders.

You can run multiple cohorts at the same time, or you can roll-out consecutive cohorts.

The format and implementation options have been designed to offer a scalable solution that works in alignment with your budget and strategy.

All leaders get:

  • A copy of Dr. Vince Molinaro’s New York Times bestselling book The Leadership Contract 
  • A copy of The Leadership Contract Field Guide 
  • A digital course workbook 
  • Access to our digital learning platform, The Leadership Accountability Academy™ 

This course is perfect for:

  • High-potential individuals
  • Emerging leaders
  • Frontline managers
  • Middle managers
We help leaders understand The Four Terms of The Leadership Contract ® and what it means for their roles, so they can step up and demonstrate strong individual accountability.

Leaders must decide to commit to the organization’s changes and future goals, recognizing that lack of buy-in and commitment can obstruct progress.

All leaders need to be clear about what specific contributions they and their team must make to support the success of your organization. 

Leaders must have the courage to tackle the challenges in their roles and handle the difficult aspects of leadership head-on. In order to be effective, they need a healthy dose of resilience and resolve.

Leaders need to build and maintain strong relationships with their peers. Collaborating with fellow leaders and having a support system in place are essential for success.

Delivered on our digital learning platform
The Leadership Contract® is conveniently delivered via our digital learning platform, the Leadership Accountability Academy™ (LAA).

Leaders can easily engage in learning activities, access videos, complete assignments, and participate in weekly challenges from their desktop or mobile device.

The platform encourages ongoing dialogue and collaboration among leaders, facilitating meaningful discussions and exploration of insights through an online forum.

Explore the benefits of our Leadership Accountability Academy™.

  • Easy-to-use platform providing interactive learning experiences, resources, and tools.
  • Personalized and engaging experience that enhances skillset and addresses leadership gaps.
  • Features like chat functions, forums, and shared workspaces that facilitate group discussions and peer learning.
  • Encourages a culture of collaboration and shared learning, fostering stronger team dynamics and increased productivity.
  • Tools for measuring learner knowledge and skills before and after the course.
  • Clear insights into progress, helping recognize growth and areas for further development, guiding continuous learning.
  • Real-time tracking of learner performance, course effectiveness, and areas for improvement.
  • Insights on progress can further engage and motivate, while immediate identification of struggles allows for timely intervention.
  • Facilitated by Leadership Contract Inc. Certified facilitations/coaches who moderate social learning and lead weekly group sessions.
  • Enriched learning experience with real-time feedback and practical examples to effectively transition course knowledge into actionable steps.
  • Opportunity for peer learning, sharing experiences, gaining different perspectives, fostering a sense of belonging, and aiding in career development.
  • Strengthens organizational culture, promotes shared understanding of leadership values, encourages continuous learning, and provides feedback for program enhancement.
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In a sea of leadership development approaches and models, it is truly refreshing to find a practical guide that intrinsically motivates the leader in all of us. The Leadership Contract workshop that we delivered proved to be one of the best and most effective that we offered.

Adri Maisonet-Morales, VP Talent Management

BCBS North Carolina

The Leadership Contract is a powerful book. We have had the good fortune of implementing the principles and ideas with our leaders. We have seen them elevate their game, strengthen their character, and come together to drive the growth of our firm. If you need your leaders to step up, this book provides the formula for success.

Barb Bahry, Vice President Organizational Development

Odlum Brown