The Accountable Leaders App – Supporting Leaders When It Matters Most

Over the years, the majority of my client work has been to support companies and their leaders  at critical inflection points.

These were pivotal times where they needed to either shift their business strategy, turnaround poor performance, drive global growth or come together after a merger or acquisition. In each situation, the stakes were high. The leaders needed to come together and step up in significant ways.

Today, as we continue to deal with the global pandemic, we are all facing an extraordinary inflection point. Just like with so many of my clients, I believe leaders need to come together in a unprecedented manner to support each other now more than ever.

To help and do our part, my team and I are excited to launch the Accountable Leaders App – an online community that brings together leaders committed to leading to a higher standard of behavior, and support one another at this time. You will also find many learning resources and have the chance to connect with others through virtual events. I am making access to the App completely free.

If the idea of being part of a strong community of leaders interests you, then click here to join. You can also download the app at the Apple or Google Play stores.

I look forward to seeing you in the Accountable Leaders Community.

We have many resources to help you become the most accountable leader you be, develop accountable leaders on your team, and scale leadership accountability across your organization. 

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