Re-entry to Earth and its lessons for the workforce – Wayne Monteith, Commercial Space Transportation

“Re-entry” to planet Earth and its lessons for the workforce

In Episode 4 of Lead The Future, I spoke with Wayne Monteith, Associate Administrator, Commercial Space Transportation. In our discussion, Wayne shares multiple stories from his 29 years in the United States Air Force that provide great leadership lessons. His powerful experience during Hurricane Matthew challenges leaders to question which tasks they feel are important but can actually delegate in order to focus on the activities that bring true value.

Wayne shares fascinating lessons from space travel that help leaders anticipate the challenges of “re-entry” into the workplace.

“Coming back from the space station is not only coming back to a different world, but you are different. I think we’re going to be different as we reintegrate back into some type of normal traditional setting and I think its important for us to realize that not only the environment has changed.”

Wayne Monteith, Associate Administrator, Commercial Space Transportation.

Meet the Leader: Wayne Monteith, Associate Administrator, Commercial Space Transportation
Wayne Monteith is the Associate Administrator for the Commercial Space Transportation, an organization that facilitates the strengthening and expansion of the United States space transportation infrastructure as well as encourages commercial space launches and reentries by the private sector. He operated the world’s busiest spaceport and led over 9,000 military, Department of Defense civilian and contractor personnel. During his three years at the 45th Space Wing, Wayne oversaw the successful execution of 66 launches, 23 booster landings, and the successful operational use of autonomous flight safety systems.
Leadership Insights to Listen for:
  • The impact and value of being a visible leader
  • Leadership for social capital
  • Parallels between re-entry from space, for leaders re-entering the workplace post-pandemic
  • Chameleon leadership that adapts to situations and audience needs
  • Wayne’s advice for future leaders
Show Notes

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