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Leadership Development Is Failing CEOs

Here's what to do about it

By Dr. Vince Molinaro

It’s time for leadership development to deliver on what it is meant to do –  develop strong leaders who can navigate uncertainty, adversity, and opportunity, and lead their organizations into the future. This ebook breaks down the problems and the way forward.

The need for effective leadership development has never been more urgent.

Leaders at all levels are facing an array of complex challenges and pressures. To meet them head on, leaders need to be able to step up in new ways, embrace new expectations, and lead their companies with a sense of optimism, confidence, and courage. We certainly recognize this and this ebook will help you understand how to get the results you need. 

The big idea

We need great leaders—but most leadership development programs are failing to deliver value. Leadership development must be connected to business strategy and context in order to be successful. 

The risk and opportunity

Quick-fix programs that don’t connect to your organization’s specific challenges will waste your time and money—and won’t get results. We’ll walk you through the top six failure paths so that you don’t take them.

The way forward

Leadership development must be systematic, specific, connected, and sustained. We’ll break down four key strategies to must prioritize if you want your leadership development to deliver.

Unleash the benefits of strategic leadership development.

  • Increase clarity and commitment about what it means to be a leader.
  • Establish a greater sense of community among your leaders.
  • Drive a more consistent leadership experience for your employees.
  • Improve collaboration across the organization.
  • Identify leaders who are struggling so you can support them faster.
  • Inspire employees to start preparing to take on leadership roles in the future.

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Leadership Development Is Failing CEOs - Here's What To Do About It

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