As a leader, do you struggle with follow-through?

An interesting story emerged this week from the Premier League. Frank Lampard, the coach for Chelsea FC, took over the team in the summer and in August, put in place a strict disciplinary approach. How? By charging his players a range of significant fines for several transgressions and unacceptable behaviours.  It was his approach to holding his team accountable.

For example, if a player is late for the start of a training or practice session, they will be fined £20,000.  If a player’s smartphone rings during a team meal or a meeting, the player faces a £1,000 fine. If a player is late for a team meeting, it will cost him get this, £500 for every minute they miss. If they fail to report an injury, this will cost £10,000. And if a player does not fulfil any corporate or community duties, they will incur a £5,000 fine.


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