Are You Communicating Enough at this Critical Time?

The central leadership lesson here is obvious: the power of swift and regular communication in times of uncertainty and crisis. When you communicate swiftly, regularly and consistently as a leader, you provide clarity and reassurance to your team. They are looking to you for direction. If you don’t offer it, then everyone starts to go a little squirrely.

Granted, for many of us, we are now leading from afar and working remotely. It means you need to dial up communication even more.

If you haven’t already started, commit now. Based on my conversations with many senior leaders in my network over the past few weeks, here are the ideas they are implementing:

  1. Bring your team together for a weekly huddle at the start of the week.  Provide an update and bring focus to the priorities of the week.
  2. At the end of the week, send out an email or quick video summarizing the accomplishments of the week, any further corporate updates and thank everyone for their contributions.
  3. If you hear about a rumour or any misinformation that is spreading, intervene immediately to clear things up. I’ve learned in my career that in the absence of good information, people will make up their own. And most often, it won’t be accurate.
  4. If you don’t know the answer to an issue, say so. Help your team deal with any ambiguity you might be facing as a team or company.
  5. Ensure that you also balance team communication with individual touchpoints. Ensure you also communicate one-on-one with your team members.

By engaging in these steps, you will find your team’s fears and anxiety will decrease, while their focus and productivity will stay the course or even increase. Good luck!

This week’s Gut Check for Leaders Blog asks: Are You Communicating Enough at this Critical Time?

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