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The solutions you need to build and scale strong leadership accountability across your organization.

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Transform How You Develop Your Leaders

Our hands-on seminars and workshops (instructor-led, virtual instructor-led and blended formats) transform how leaders think about their roles and help them shift their mindsets.

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Strategic Leadership Conversations™

Make leadership accountability a priority in your company

We help boards and executive teams create a strategy to build and scale strong leadership accountability across their organizations.

Create Custom Leadership Contracts

Establish clear leadership expectations for all leaders

We work with senior executives to define and cascade a clear set of leadership expectations aligned to the company strategy.

Accountable Teams™

A proven way to drive team accountability and performance

We work with senior leadership teams to create greater clarity, commitment and mutual accountability while setting a strong tone for the organization.

Design and Facilitate Leader Forums

Ensure leaders are aligned and committed to your strategy

We design and facilitate compelling leader forums (in-person and virtual) that drive strategic clarity and increase the accountability of your leaders.


Quotation Marks  Vince’s  direct  approach  in  facilitating  our  annual  leadership  conference  was  refreshing  and  engaged  all  our  leaders.  The  four  terms  of  the  leadership  contract  resonated  and  provided  practical  advice  on  how  to  step  up  our  collective  abilities  and  hold  ourselves  accountable  to  the  people  we  lead. Quotation Marks

Regan Stewart, Chief Operations and People Officer
Jamieson Wellness Inc.

Quotation Marks  We have had the good fortune of implementing the principles and ideas with our leaders. We have seen them elevate their game, strengthen their character, and come together to drive the growth of our firm. Quotation Marks

Barb Bahry, VP, Director, Organizational Development
Odlum Brown Limited

Quotation Marks  Working with Vince and his team has really helped me, my leaders, and our teams move the needle both in terms of our performance, and, culture as whole. Quotation Marks

Kevin Burtt, President,
Nexus Communications